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I’ve always been a voracious reader, and in junior high I published two science fiction stories in my school’s creative writing magazine. After a long hiatus, I began writing again in my junior year of college at UC Berkeley. I joined a group of acquaintances in 1969 who started a poetry magazine called The Open Cell. We contributed the content, did the layout, printed it at Waller Press in the Haight-Ashbury district, and sold it on the streets of Berkeley and San Francisco. That experience rekindled my love of writing. I transferred from Berkeley (where I was a comparative literature major) to SF State as a creative writing major and wrote poetry and a few stories.

Upon graduation in 1972 my first wife and I joined the Peace Corps and worked as ESL teachers in Ethiopia for two years.

Grad school followed, twice, and I obtained a Master in Communication at University of Washington and a Master in Librarianship at UC Berkeley. My writing during those years became decidedly academic and non-creative.

After nine years as a librarian (including two as head librarian at Robert College of Istanbul), followed by a divorce, I decided librarians got no respect, so I went to law school where I wrote a law review article discussing a controversial Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision. I became an attorney, remarried, and worked for 23 years at the California Attorney General’s Office, Criminal Division, and wrote hundreds of appellate briefs.

During my years as a “brief-writing hack,” I dabbled in creative writing. I published two poems in a Baháí magazine called World Order, published a poem in a small magazine put out by a colleague in my writing group at the Mechanics Institute Library in San Francisco, but couldn’t finish a mystery/suspense novel in the mid-90s called L’Ombra, about a mysterious group of savants bent on world domination.

In 2011 I wrote a memoir of my Peace Corps experience that was published in “Eritrea Remembered,” part of the “Peace Corps Writers” series on Amazon.  In 2012 I wrote a novella called My Brother’s Keeper, which I self-published at CreateSpace.

I’m retired, married, and have two grown sons and a granddaughter who will begin her freshman year at the University of Oregon in the fall. I keep my state bar license active and have a (volunteer) case involving veteran’s benefits.

Michael Banister, Author

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