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“Finished the book last weekend . . . all I can say is fantastic read!”

“I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Loved that it laid a foundation in the beginning that kept you wondering if and how Dushan would ever be reunited with his Father and/or if he would ever know his Mother. The further into the book I got I couldn't wait to see what the next chapter held for Dushan and Danilo and where it would lead them next. I hope you are working on a sequel so we know what obstacles they may face in adulthood—with such an intertwined youth, one could only imagine what adventurous scenarios that they would (escape) encounter as adults!”

—Patty Paolone, Retired legal secretary

“It’s midnight and I have been reading for hours. Stolen Identity deserves a home on the New York Times bestseller list. What a thriller. At the moment brilliant Dushan has switched identity with a dead man. Your story is mesmerizing, the characters exquisitely fleshed out, settings impeccably drawn. I have experienced your characters anxiety and joy intermittently. I want to draw out my pleasure and save chapter 25—“that’s all folks” until morning. You have produced an extraordinary novel.”

—Joan Minninger, Author of “The Father/Daughter Dance” and Creative Writing professor 

“The reader is riveted by the fast paced action in Stolen Identity. There are several story threads and constantly changing settings that give the story a global flair. Michael Banister is good at telling other people’s stories.”

—Jackie Nutry, elementary school teacher

“Michael Banister has written an intricately plotted, fast paced story that takes us from Belgrade to the Bay Area and many points in between, beginning in the compelling, carefully crafted historical context of war-torn Bosnia, a fascinating setting, and moving relentlessly around the globe. You never know what will happen next!”

—Linda Leeb, author and editor

“Turbulence and disruption are powerful themes, and Banister’s fact-inspired novel, STOLEN IDENTITY, begins with an explosion that seems to tear at the very fabric of reality. More than mystery, romance or historical drama, STOLEN IDENTITY reveals characters and relationships fractured, fragile, yet unbroken against a backdrop of deception, trickery, corruption, where issues of how identity is defined, be it nation or individual, are derived from connections and perception.  A debut novel of merit, Banister's identity as an author to follow is assured.”

—Burl Barer, Edgar Award winning author

“This is a great story! The plot fascinates, the characters are sympathetic and interesting, the relationships are also interesting… Your legal/law enforcement background pays off in any of the scenes requiring it. Angus’s investigation, and the lawyer’s interactions with Dushan were very clear and zipped along.”  

—Barbara Alderson, freelance editor

From Kathleen Gage, Goodreads Reviewer:

Spanning several continents, the story of Stolen Identity is at its core about enduring love and hope. Marta Cecelja escapes war-torn Sarajevo, Bosnia, where she has been working as a nurse, and finds a new home and a job in Belgrade, Serbia, working with refugees. The conflicts that tore apart Yugoslavia in the early 1990s have not yet reached her city. Marta meets and marries a local fisherman, Dimitri Sava. Though both are from different ethnic backgrounds, they choose love over historic conflict and ethnic hatred to be together. Within a year their son, Dushan, is born. Tragedy befalls them when Marta is kidnapped from her office and disappears. As chaos descends on the city, father and son flee to the Isle of Man as refugees.  No one knows what has happened to Marta, but Dimitri refuses to give up hope. That hope is gravely tested again when his young son disappears along with his babysitter. What follows is Dushan's journey, first to England and then to California, where he becomes Danilo Sandor's “adopted” brother. 

Identity underlies this tale of two boys who are raised as brothers. There is a dark secret about Dushan that is known only to their parents. Years pass, and when their mother becomes ill with terminal cancer, she reveals the truth to the boys on her deathbed. They are afraid of their father, who becomes more and more paranoid and violent toward them after his wife's death. Yet when the opportunity finally arises, the boys escape their frightening existence to embark on a long journey across the U.S., England and the Balkans to their final discovery. 

As circumstances and scenes change from one country to another, the interconnected stories of Marta, Dimitri and Dushan will carry you along to the surprising end. Michael Banister's first book keeps you engaged until the truth is finally revealed. Recommended for young adults and adults alike.


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