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“This book lives up to its title, Unfinished Business as the sequel to Stolen Identity. It covers everything from Dushan's legal identity being settled; to Carolyn, Goran, and Askoy being brought to justice; to the filling in the blanks of the main characters’ stories and more. 
The cosmopolitan flavor of this book, like the one before it, is fascinating with details concerning international law, different ethnic groups, people with multiple ancestries and citizenships, and a bit of world history and culture to enhance the narrative. Michael Banister’s legal and travel experiences have served him well for this book. Overall this is a fun and captivating story.”

—Bradley Francis. Retired high school administrator and teacher

“I really liked the book.  As always, you delivered. I could see what I was reading in my mind as if it were a movie.  …I loved the verbal joisting between the brothers. I absolutely loved Chapter 14. Very exciting.”

—Linda Montanelli Ross, retired Executive Secretary for the Contra Costa County Fire Chief

“Michael Banister’s Unfinished Business reads like a fine wine tastes. The initial quarter of the book is slow as you learn the characters and background about the seldom talked about fallout surrounding child kidnapping. Sometimes, when a child is removed from one house and placed in another, we hope the new living accommodations will benefit the child. Often, when a family member takes in a cousin, or grandchild or a stepchild we assume there will be something beneficial for the child out of the change in custody. We always hope for the best. When we hear about a child kidnapping and the child is not returned we have a tendency to assume the worse. Too often, in our times, we read a headline, or hear bits and pieces of a conversation about a kidnapping but we do not become involved sufficiently to learn about various aspects and the reverberating impact upon families and communities when a child is kidnapped. Unfinished Business takes the reader down the path and into the neighborhood of all the families and individuals involved, the lives touched, the real people who come together and become part of the resolution of… a child kidnapping. When I reached that last page, I nearly smacked my lips together, then, ran the tip of my tongue across my lips and thought, ‘not bad, not too bad at all’.  It is a very satisfying read.”

—John D. Watson, Attorney, Las Cruces, New Mexico

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